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“Royal’s Roast Beef” Taste of Tradition since 1972

40th Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa Anniversary
“Royal’s Roast Beef”
Taste of Tradition since 1972

Roast beef has been a very popular item on our buffet since we opened in 1972.
Our roast beef is carefully cooked in the oven by hotel chefs in order to seal in the juices and keep the flavour of the meat.
Our meat is high-quality lean beef and the tenderness and juicy flavour is what we pride ourselves on.

Usually the roast beef is served only for the dinner buffet, but this time we offer it for the lunch buffet as a token of our gratitude for your 40 years of support!

You can decide the thickness of cut, and there will be more than 10 choices of topping varieties from natural salts, mustard and special sauces to enjoy with the roast beef. Enjoy the variation of the “Royal’s Roast Beef” – Taste of Tradition.